Walk The Vote

... Into the 2020 Election!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Walk The Vote?
Walk the Vote is a grassroots movement designed to encourage early, in-person voting. With mail-in voting under attack and the pandemic creating risk around Election Day voting, it’s more important than ever to be able to safely, and securely vote. That’s where Walk the Vote comes in. WTV helps registered voters find their nearest local election office. That’s the place voters can register to vote, request their absentee ballots, and submit their ballots, all in person! Make sure your vote counts by physically delivering your vote to your local election office.
How do I use Walk the Vote?
That’s simple! Just enter your zip code on our home page (this is where you’re registered to vote), and voila! That’s your local election office.
How do I know if I’m registered to vote?
Check out this website for voter registration deadlines and details on your own registration!
How do I request my absentee ballot?
Check out this website for information on how to request your absentee ballot.
My state has ballot drop-boxes in addition to local election offices. Does Walk the Vote have information on where I can find my nearest ballot drop-box?
Walk the Vote currently only provides information on where to find your local election office. We are working to include drop-box locations as soon as possible so check back with us later! You could also try contacting your local elections clerk.
I still want to mail in my ballot, how can I do that?
Check out this full voting guide for more information!